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Reasons on Why You Should Visit England

EnglandIf you have not paid England a visit during your vacation then, you are missing one of the most important things in your life. Here is a lowdown on why should you visit this wonderful place.

The Royalties

While it is true that the head of the state is now the prime minister, the British monarchy is also taking part in “beautifying” the country.

They are actively participating in charity events, social events and other missionary works. It has also been said that the British royalties are attracting tourists from all over the world which helps to boost their economy. More so, your visit to England would never be complete if you did not to go the Buckingham Palace and if you are lucky, you may get a chance to meet Prince William and Prince Harry in person!


This country is very rich when it comes to their history. England has long been existing for several centuries now. It is where the great William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens originates. Going to their museums will also give you a glimpse of the country’s history during old times. This is where you will know more about the Jutes, Saxons and Angles. You would also get to know about the famous Robin Hood and King Arthur. You can enter their museums such as those the National Arts Museum, British Museum, Tate Modern art gallery and their Science Museum for free! You can spend your time looking at the famous Big Ben


The cars of English people are really interesting in a sense that they are driving on the OTHER side of the road and their driving wheels is located on the LEFT side!


Shopping to London is also a good idea although you may find it a bit more expensive especially if you live in United States or other countries where you are used to low cost of living but if you want to go all out, you can try shopping at Harvey Nickols, House of Fraser, Hamleys and Harrods. They also have other high end boutiques such as Prada, Gucci, D & G, Louis Vuitton. If you are tight on a budget, going to the Portobello Market and Bermondsey Market is your best bet.


Citizens of England are also friendly as well, although they are more reserved and quiet compared to other nationalities. They also prefer that you mind your business. You will find it interesting about the way they dress because their outfits are more “prim and proper” compared to American’s laidback style.

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